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Air Cooled Generac Sales

22kw Generac Generator Air Cooled Gas Engine, Installation by a Certified Electrical Contractor

Saicam Electric are licensed electricians certified to install Generac Generators, providing a one stop shop to purchase and install all your Generac Generator needs!  Click below to find our the specs on this 22kw Air Cooled Engine Generac Generator.

Certified Installers / Warranty

Saicam Electric certified Generac Installer

A Generac Generator is an investment.  Don't run the risk of getting installed or serviced by someone that is not certified.  Below you can read more about the maintaining your warranty!

How does a generator work?

Generac Residential Electrical Services

Click below to see how a whole house Generac Generator work installed by a certified technician in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Diboll or Surrounding Areas.

What causes an outage?

Electrical Contractor

Click below to see what could cause on outage in Lufkin and surrounding areas and how a Certified Generac Generator Electricians can help with a solution for power outage needs. 

Commercial Generac Sales and Service

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